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Temperature sensorsfor applications in rubber and plastic industries


Temperature sensors for applications in rubber and plastic industries

Temperature sensors for rubber and plastics industry are designed for specific needs of temperature measurement of the rubber and plastics mixtures processing. Important is the quality of input material, which is further processed at the highest level. Temperature sensors are highly resistant to abrasion influence of rubber and plastics mixtures and to vibrations.

The main customers of the company Sensit include manufacturers of equipment that can be described with key-words: custom manufacturing, sensors according to customer specifications, small-lot production, resistance to aggressive environments. The service companies are supported by sale warehouses of our business representatives within the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries not only inside the EU.

Many customers of rubber and plastic companies are relying on precision and quality of products SENSIT company.


Custom temp. sensors sensit in the applications of rubber and plastic manufacturing processes

Unvulcanized rubber and a mixture of this material behave as viscoelastic liquid during processing. To the caoutchouc are added a variety of additives, chemicals and fillers during of the mixing process. From this process creates an unvulcanized rubber mixture. The dispersion depends mainly on the temperature.

Mixing is carried out on various devices. Adequate mixing of the components in the mixture, the shortest mixing time and accurate sensing of the temperature during mixing – they are very important requirements for production quality rubber mixture.

Temperature sensors SENSIT are included of these difficult applications. Our temperature sensors we can adapt to the requirements of individual devices from differ- ent manufacturers.

These special temperature sensors have been developed since 2007 when the TR153-Pt100 probe was designed. Temperature sensors TR 153 fulfilling mechanical criteria, as well as criteria for accuracy and measurement rate.



Mentioned temperature sensors sensit combine the contradictory requirements:

  • short response time
  • high resistance to mechanical stress
  • high resistance to abrasion influence of rubber and plastics mixtures
  • high resistance to vibrations and shock

The SENSIT company offers manufacturing of custom temperature sensors for technological devices of different manufacturers. For example: Pomini, Farrel, HF Rubber Machinary (earlier Krupp), Buzuluk etc.

Common characteristics of temperature sensors:

  • measuring range -30 to 200 °C
  • material of the case is stainless steel, measuring point hardenable stainless steel
  • sensor type Pt 100/3850, 4-wire
  • the sensor is available in two versions:
    - version A - sensor is equipped with LEMO connector and can be completed by a metal connection head.
    - version B - sensor is equipped with ceramic terminal block placed in the connecting head.
  • response time – indicative
    - According to EN 60 751: τ0,9 ≤ 10s
    - Continental method: τ0,9 ≤ 70s
    From 0 °C (drift-ice) to 180 °C (flowing silicon oil 0,4 ms-1)

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