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Temperature sensors in applications for renewable resources


Temperature sensors in applications for renewable resources

The requirement for maximal utilisation of alternative (renewable) energy sources is one of the pillars of the EU energetic policy. Renewable energy sources include hydropower, geothermal energy, energy from biomass combustion, windpower, solar energy or tidal power. Temperature detectors, as a part of the regulation system, ensure optimal utilisation of„alternative energy“ and reliable values for quality regulation.

The range of standard types of cabled temperature sensors suitable for any application is represented by well-tried, quality types with optional modification of length and diameter of casing, its material and also modification of length of the cable. Stainless steel wells are produced as accessories to these types. Their characteristic features are versatility of use, immediate delivery and low price.

The company Sensit s.r.o. reflects requirements of producers of regulation systems and engages in development and production of temperature sensors so that suit to the ordered applications – measurement of temperature of oil in windmill gearboxes, fume ducts, geothermal drill holes, collectors, etc.

The most important customers of the company Sensit s.r.o. include manufacturers of equipment and at the same time installation companies that are supported by sale warehouses of our business representatives within territory of the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries not only inside the EU.



The temperature sensor, installed on a collector (in a source of heat) together with a temperature sensor in an accumulation tank (boiler, pool) transmits a signal when accumulation of heat or heating itself comes (i.e. when heating or transfer of heat is meaningful). Extremely high temperature of the collector may damage the collector itself and overheat the other components. 

Cable sensors with thermowells

TG 8, TG 68, TR 160

And vice versa, it is necessary to monitor minimal tempera- ture – in winter months the sensor warns of a drop of temperature in the collector below the lower limit; this causes activation of a pump and the collector is heated by heat accumulated in the tank.



Temperature sensor is an important component of a quality regulator which helps to control a circu- lation pump depending on the difference of temperatures of the medium in the source and water in accumulation tanks. The temperature sensor transmits a signal when regulation is activated and at the same time it sends a signal to switch off the pump when the temperatures are balanced. These sensors are always reliable indicators of measurement of temperature providing fast response to ambient temperature in case of equithermal regulation that depending on outdoor temperature controls temperature of heating water coming to the heating system, and they indicate reliably temperatures at the input and output of the medium.

TG 4, TG 68, TGLD


Within the framework of co-operation with heat pump manufacturers, we are actively engaged in the problem of“measurement of temperature close to 0 °C”. The sensors made by us are modified for these applications in special cycling chambers.



SENSIT temperature sensors as a part of regulation systems, either in a standard or custom-made design, made according to the customer’s specification.

Sensit temperature sensors, manufactured upon customer’s specifications, are designed for monitoring of basic parameters of oil in gearboxes, such as tempera- ture. In cooperation with Sensit’s technical department a custom-made tempera- ture sensor is prepared that is manufactured using a technology that guarantees operation at low temperatures with increased resistance to vibrations. Setting of temperature after a short shut-down or in the course of a power plant start-up is of same importance.

Clamp-on sensors

Exhaust gases sensors

TR 085



Alternative sources are utilised now, above all, in various combinations. The ob- jective is optimal and trouble-free control of heating, heating of water, optimisa- tion of charging and discharging of accumulation tanks with regard to operation of boiler. The outdoor temperature sensor shall always be located on the coldest wall of the building. Due to their construction sensors of the S 110 series are fully suitable for such purposes. Clamp-on temperature sensors series S 150 or directly immersible sensors series TR xx can be used for regula-tion of temperature of re- turn water.

Sensit s.r.o. spo- lupracuje, jak v oblasti výroby a dodání, tak v oblasti vývoje a praktického použití s předními českými výrobci regulačních systémů.

Return water

Outdoor sensor




Single point respectively multipoint measurements are always applied ac- cording to the customer’s requirements and with regard to the specifics of the given drilling.

They are generally equipped with DS18B20 sensors, when their digital output is further processed or in the case of more accurate measurement we can recommend the TSic sensor (single point measurement) as the sensor element, which has a smaller tolerance zone.

Supply cables are resistant to surround- ing influences and can reach up to sev- eral dozens of metres in length.


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