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Sensors of temperature, humidity and flow in food processing applications


Sensors of temperature, humidity and flow in food processing applications

Temperature is a critical quantity in many fields of food industry processes, from assurance of quality during production up to storage and transport to final users.

The company SENSIT s.r.o. is engaged in development and production of sensors that help with monitoring and regulation of complicated food industry processes in the fields of milk industry, brewery technologies, production of butcher products, etc. The sensors are also adaptive for use in agriculture. The use of the sensors for convector boxes, smokehouses and driers is a separately developed group.

The sensors can be used as independent sensors or built-in with various optional terminals or connectors and combined with regulators, measuring instruments or precise thermometers into a complete measuring system.

Standard customers of our company include producers of food and equipment, transport companies with cooling and freezing boxes as well as service companies that are supported by sale warehouses of our business representatives within the territory of the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic as well as other countries not only inside the EU.



All stainless steel sensor

Flange CLAMP

Flange MILK



All stainless steel temperature sensors, either in the design of smooth shank or with a flange proved useful with measu-re- ment of liquid and gaseous substances, particularly in milk and brewery industries. Their design allows use in environment with high hygienic requirements.



Custom-made design

Spatial probes

Incision probes

Screw-in probes

Digital instrument SENSITEST



For recording of temperature or temperature-humidity we can offer loggers with or without LCD display. There are two optional settings of alarm, also connection to a PC through USB, RS 232, Ethernet or GSM modem is possible.

Recording is carried out to a power supply independent memory. In case of transport of food there is option of recording of tem- perature from one or two temperature probes. Output of the re- cording can be in form of a diagram of the course of temperature or a print of the values within the given period.

Temperature sensors of the S 110 series are suitable for use in the field of storage and plants, series S 120 for use in air-condi- tioning equipment.

Data loggers

Sensors series S 110, S 120

Humidity sensors









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