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Sensit DIDAKTIK 10


The set of laboratory exercises in physics on TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT

Motto: Temperature is the fourth most frequently measured physical quantity after time, weight and length.

Support for education is part of the philosophy of SENSIT company. SENSIT Ltd. in cooperation with university in Brno prepared set of laboratory tasks in physics on the theme “measuring temperature” for physical practices of technical secondary schools and department of Physics Technical University.

Snímače teploty, vlhkosti a proudění Sensit jsou aplikovány v různých průmyslových odvětvích. Se standardním sortimentem se setkáte např. ve vzduchotechnice obchodních řetězců Tesco, interiérové snímače pak uvidíte na letišti Praha – Ruzyně popř. jednoduché sondy jsou umístěny i na solárních kolektorech v aplikaci využití alternativních zdrojů při ohřevu vody.

Temperature, humidity and flow sensors SENSIT Ltd. are applied in various industries. The standard assortment can be seen for example in air conditioning of supermarket chains – Tesco, interior sensors can be seen at Prague – Ruzyne. Simple probes are located on the solar collectors in
use of alternative sources for heating water and so on.

A speciality of the SENSIT Ltd., is the capability of a small batch production or custom work. The company is ready to answer special customer ́s requirements not only regarding to its technical parameters but as for its delivery terms too. SENSIT logo can be found in heavy industry, at a very aggressive environment or in conditions where the sensor is exposed to the stresses large and shock.

Measurement of each controlled variables of the„Big Four“ has specific peculiarities, but temperature measurements seem to be especially tricky. In reality, this seemingly simple task is often complicated.

Selection can be difficult, although there are only three main technologies of electronic temperature measurement:


  • Wide selection of temperature range including the highest limit
  • Very fast response time
  • Moderately good accuracy and sensitivity
  • The signal is very weak and prone to EMG interference
  • Reasonable price and easy configuration
  • The excitation voltage is not necessary

The resistance sensor RTD

  • High accuracy
  • Stabilita
  • Excellent sensitivity and better linearity
  • More robust signal
  • Restricted range of measurement, especially at high
  • Requires external power supply voltage
  • Hgher price


  • Narrowest measurement range of the group
  • Lowest linearity
  • More robust signal
  • Highest possible resolution via a wide range of
  • Lowest price




The set includes 8 samples of cable temperature sensors following description, including CD of SENSIT Ltd.


  • The temperature sensor TR 161; Pt1000; 1 m PVC cable
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; NTC 10kOhm; 1m PVC cable
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; Pt1000; 1m PVC cable
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; TC K; 1m
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; Pt100; 1m PVC cable


  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; N1A; 1m PVC cable
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; TC K; 1m
  • The temperature sensor TGL-40; N1; 1m PVC cable
  • The Reduction
  • The CD - texts of theoretical and practical parts



Warning: This tutorial was created in collaboration SENSIT Ltd. and the Institute of Physical Electronics Pr.F Masaryk University in Brno and is subsidized by the manufacturer SENSIT Ltd.

This teaching aid, or parts thereof may not be used for commercial purposes!


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