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Paired temperature sensors – qualified meters


Paired temperature sensors – qualified meters

The effort to save energies of any kind is one of the main priorities in the last years. The main energy consumers include central heating and warm service water distribution systems. A separate subgroup in measurement of heat and cold consumption or heat losses in an object on warm water distributions are the so-called paired temperature sensors which transfer detected temperature values of the heat-carrying medium to calorimetric counters. Accuracy of the measured values is important for proportional accounting of costs for consumption of individual objects. Therefore paired temperature sensors belong to the so-called fixed meters that are one of the categories defined by Act no. 505/1990 Coll. on metrology.

Sensit s.r.o. manufactures paired temperature sensors, including thermowells that are delivered as accessories, in compliance with the Directive 2004/22/EC (MID) of the European Parliament and of the Council on measuring instruments implemented in the legal order of the Czech Republic by the Government Order No. 464/2005 Coll. At the same time, the sensors meet the requirements of CSN EN 60 751 and CSN EN 1434 standards.

Identification of sensors is provided by type plates in red and blue colours that together with blue and red insulation tubes, installed on ends of the cable provide easy identification of sensors for supply and return branches of the distribution piping. Stainless steel thermowells can be delivered to the sensors as accessories.

Producers of calorimetric meters, heating plants, metrologic laboratories as well as installation companies, supported by sale warehouses of our business repre- sentatives in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries not only inside the EU, are important customers of the company Sensit s.r.o.


TP 11E





The paired temperature sensors of Sensit TP15, TP11E, and TP16 series are especially suitable for heat flow measurement systems where applications with thermowell are required. Their advantages are namely in a great number of various models, relatively small dimensions, a possibility of any cable length, however, always in compliance with technical standards of the given model. Measuring range: 0 to 180 °C; 0 to 150 °C.


Type Casing diameter Casing length JTP thermowells
Thermowell length hermowell thread
TP 11E 5,5 ± 0,5 mm 35 ± 5 mm 36, 86, 136, 176 mm G1/2“; M20x1,5
TP15 / TP15A / TP15B 6,0 mm TP15: 65, 105,140,230 mm
TP15A: 120/91, 175/146
TP15B: 120/83, 140/90
TP15: 65,105,140,230 mm
TP15A: 91,146 mm
TP15B: 83,90 mm
G1/2“; M20x1,5
TP16 / TP16A TP16: 6 ± 1 mm
TP16A: 3,6 ± 0,005 mm
TP16: 105,140,230 mm
TP16A: 97,133 mm
TP16:105,140,230 mm
TP16A: 88,124 mm
G1/2“; M20x1,5




Installation using a valve VEXVE


The main advantage of the sensors can be found in their fast time response to change of temperature; this enables e.g. recording of very fast dynamic changes in ap- plication of warm service water. Their construction and design allow direct installation of sensors into piping without use of any thermowells.
Measuring range: 0–180 °C; 0–150 °C


Type Casing diameter Casing length Jímky JTP
JTP thermowells Závit jímky
TP13 / TP13A / TP13B TP13: 3,6 mm
TP13A: 5,0 mm
TP13B: 5,0 mm
27,5 mm - -


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