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We're measuring around the corner - right-angle temperature sensors

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We're measuring around the corner

This year we have expanded the range of temperature sensors and a new section – RIGHT-ANGLE TEMPERATURE SENSORS. These sensors are designed for temperature measurements of solid, liquid and gaseous substances in confined spaces where the sensor's cable cannot be run straight out.


The most common use of these right-angle temperature sensors is for measuring the temperature of bearings, temperature measurement of gearboxes, oil temperature measurement and sub-surface temperature measurement. Often these right-angle temperature sensors are found in various purpose-built machinery and equipment or in the rubber and plastics industry. This does not however prevent the universal use of right-angle temperature sensors in normal applications where it is necessary to run the cable just above the measured surface.

Basic parameters

  • Sensing elements: Pt, Ni, NTC, PTC, KTY, TCK, TCJ and others
  • Case diameter: varies according to the sensor type and requirement
  • Measuring range: -50 to 400° C, according to the design and materials
  • Ingress protection: up to IP 67 depending on the sensor type
  • Design variations: thermowell, bayonet, threaded


Our right-angle temperature sensors may be custom-tailored to suit your requirements. For more information about our RIGHT-ANGLE TEMPERATURE SENSORS, please do not hesitate to contact us at tel: +420 571 625 571 or email: obchod@sensit.cz.