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TSDD temperature switches

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Dear Sirs,
At this years AMPER 2013 trade fair we presented an innovated variant of TSA temperature switches. TSDD switches are built as two-state regulators (ON/OFF regulation), which compare the set and immediate temperature and enable switching galvanically isolated relay contacts when the set temperature value is reached. The supply voltage can be selected from values 12 or 24 Vss. To connect the switch to a power grid we offer the DE06 – 12 source.


Switches TSDD offers the following new properties:

  • Modern design and protection IP 65
  • Displays the current temperature at display
  • Display resolution of 1 °C
  • Range of setting temperature -50 to 250 ° C
  • Indication of changes state in relay
  • Setting the temperature with control buttons
  • Possibility of setting hysteresis and mode relays


Attractive price for all customers