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Do you use our products and need additional employee training, or would you like your new co-workers to know what principles temperature sensors and other SENSIT s.r.o. products work on? Do you need to train workers in the field of sales, installation or service of temperature sensors and thus increase their qualifications and expand their knowledge?

Then there is nothing easier than to choose from our training offer:

  • Basic information about temperature sensors
  • Paired temperature sensors
  • Calibration of measuring instruments

Our company offers and organizes training tailored to your specific wishes. Lecturers are highly trained experts with years of experience.

Basic information about SENSIT s.r.o. temperature sensors

1. Properties of resistance sensors

  • sensing elements, their characteristics
  • connecting resistance temperature sensors
  • temperature sensor accuracy classes, errors and measurement uncertainties

2. Range of temperature sensors

  • types of sensors, their properties and use
  • installation, operation and maintenance
  • accessories
  • certifications and declarations
  • practical experience in the use of temperature sensors

Paired temperature sensors

1. Basic information

  • legislature
  • testing paired temperature sensors
  • accuracy of temperature differences
  • uncertainty in testing paired sensors

2. Range of paired temperature sensors

  • paired sensors in accordance with TPM 3721-93, TPM 3722-93
  • paired sensors in accordance with ČSN EN 1434 (MID)

Calibration of measuring instruments

  • statutory requirements, metrological traceability
  • measurement uncertainty
  • calibration certificates
  • aspects affecting calibration