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Stick-in Temperature Probes - up to 6 measuring points

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Stick-in Temperature Probes (Core Probes) - up to 6 measuring points

We are introducing a wide range of stick-in temperature probes (core probes) meeting high hygiene requirements, primarily intended for use in the food industry. Their most common applications are, for example, combi ovens, smokehouses, meat industry, etc. The material composition meets the requirements of Decree No. 38/2001 Coll., as amended and ensures chemical resistance of the probe. The design of stick-in temperature probes (core probes) allows also easy cleaning.

Stick-in temperature probes (core probes) are also used in mechanical engineering and the rubber and plastic industries to measure the temperature of bulk as well as viscous materials.

Stick-in temperature probes (core probes) made by SENSIT s.r.o. can have up to 6 measuring points and can be fitted with resistance sensing elements (Pt 100, Pt 1000, Ni 1000, etc.) as well as thermocouples (TC K, TC J, etc.). It is also possible to encapsulate two, even different, sensing elements (e.g. 2 x Pt 100; Pt 100 / Ni 1000, etc.).

By combining the handle shapes and the material used, temperature resistance of stick-in temperature probes (core probes) can  reach up to 300 °C. These probes are available with different ends of the measuring tip - sharp, bevelled, flat and round.


The variable design of the tip of stick-in temperature probes (core probes) allows you to choose the best solution for your application.

The handles of stick-in temperature probes (core probes) can be made of highly durable PEEK material. Other material options are: teflon and silicone. The handles of temperature probes are manufactured in two designs variants: straight and right-angeled. The shape of the straight and right-angled handle was developed in cooperation with professional chefs to meet the strict requirements for simplicity and convenience of the use of these probes directly in the application.

Parameters of stick-in temperature probes (core probes):

  • Temperature range: -50 to 280 °C (300 °C for a short time)
  • Material of the handle: PEEK, teflon, silicone
  • Material of the probe tip: stainles steel DIN 1.4301
  • Diameter of the probe tip: from 1.5 mm - according to the probe type
  • End of the probe tip: sharp, bevelled, flat, round
  • Number of meausuring points: up to 6 measuring points - according to the probe type
  • Ingress protection: IP 68 (1 bar) according to EN 60529

For more information about stick-in temperature probes (core probes), feel free to contact us at +420 571 625 571 or by e-mail: obchod@sensit.cz.

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