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SENSIT s.r.o. is celebrating its 25th anniversary - ...measuring with you for 25 years...

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SENSIT s.r.o. is celebrating 25th anniversary - we have already been measuring with you for 25 years...

This year company SENSIT s.r.o.is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its founding. We are continuing to grow, to develope and to expand our product range... and this is all allso thanks nto you...

         ... let´s spin it up now, my darlings...


...how time went by at SENSIT ...

The SENSIT s.r.o. Company was founded on the 9th May 1991 in Roznov pod Radhostem as an association of individuals, SENSIT Roznov. The Company started-out with seven peoplle who met, said what they wanted to do and then worked, including on Saturdays and Sundays in rented permises that were located in temporary housing cubicles.

Importatnt milestones were the purchase of these container-type cabins and the construction of our own buildings, which houses the SENSIT Company, and also the estabilishment of a limited liability company in 1995.

In April 2016 we started to construct an annex to the building, which will primarily include new storage facilities, a development centre and the facilities requisite for automation.

Currently we are providing work for 47 high-quality, qualified and, we believe, also motivated staff.

... our beginnings in container-type cabins

1997 - construction of a new building

2013 - reconstruction of SENSIT permises

2016 - extension of new building


The product portfolio of the SENSIT s.r.o. Company

Our Company was the first in the Czech Republic that started to use devices made by means of planar technology for the measurement of temperature, i.e. a technology that is also known in regard to the production of transistors. After one year of the Company’s existence its portfolio included two-dozen different types of temperature sensors. Currently its product range comprises more than 4,000 types of temperature sensors and their modifications and adjustments for various segments of applications.

Thanks to the experience and close cooperation with its customers, in addition to its standard production SENSIT s.r.o. has also developed production of sensors for specific applications, such as for the rubber and plastic industries and temperature sensors for railway vehicles, that must meet the demanding requirements of standards for resistance to shock, vibration, abrasion and electromagnetic compatibility.

Other special applications include temperature sensors for the food and the medicine industries and temperature sensors that are suitable for use in cryogenic temperatures, etc.

Thanks to our own development department and our metal workshop and electrotechnical production we are able to produce sensors exactly according to your specifications, starting from a single piece.

first types of temperature sensors

connection head temperature sensors

cable temperature sensors

custom made production 


Presentations at fairs

…For a company to be seen, it must be presented at the exhibitions and fairs…

…so in March 1992 our Honzyk packed our entire range of products, which then amounted to about 9 temperature sensors, in a paper suitcase, boarded the bus and went to Ostrava to the exhibition entitled “Temperature Measurement in Industry”. There he established one of our first business contacts. A year later, already with our own trailer and with new products to exhibit, we participated in the “Zeme zivitelka” exhibition in Ceske Budejovice.

We know that whoever wants to sell must be seen as well. That’s why today you can see us at many exhibitions not only in the Czech Republic but also in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Italy, Russia, etc.
We are also happy to meet you at any of these fairs: AMPER, MSV Brno, Czech Raildays, HANNOVER MESSE, INNOTRANS, SENSOR+TEST, TIRE TECHNOLOGY EXPO, EURASIA RAIL, HOST MILANO and others.

1993 - Zeme Zivitelka

2011 - MSV Brno

2014 - Chillventa

2016 - AMPER 

Thank you all!

Thank you to all our business partners for your excellent cooperation! You’re the ones who will help to determine our development and our future direction.

... we also look forward to spin it up with you in the coming years...

                                                                                                        Team SENSIT