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Product repair


Product repair

SENSIT s.r.o. carries out warranty and post-warranty repairs of its own products (temperature sensors, flow sensors and humidity sensors, temperature probes, converters, temperature switches, thermostats, digital thermometers) as well as products of the same or similar character from other manufacturers.

Repairs of our own products under warranty (claims) are dealt with in accordance with the applicable legislation, above standard requirements for settling claims are fulfilled after agreement with the customer. A defective product must always be sent with the warranty card. To simplify the process and accelerate the initial analysis it is useful to fill out the complaint report.

Repairs of own products after the warranty period – after analyzing the defect and calculating the cost of repair, the implementation of repairs or delivery of a new product are agreed with the customer.

Repairs of products from other manufacturers are carried out based on the customer’s order, with whom the details are consulted and specific information is exchanged during the course of repairs.