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New websites for rubber and plastic industry

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New websites - Temperature sensors for rubber and plastic industry - www.sensit-rubberplastic.cz

We would like to inform you about new website of our company, which are determined to temperature sensors for RUBBER and PLASTIC industry.

One of our production segments are temperature sensors for rubber and plastic industry. Temperature sensors for this special applications are specifically designed for the needs for the measurement of temperature during the preparation of rubber or plastic mixtures. Important is the quality of input material, which is further processed at the highest level. Temperature sensors are highly resistant to abrasion influence of rubber and plastics mixtures and to vibrations.

Our company can offer production of temperature sensors for different technological equipment from different producers, as for example: Pomini, Farrel, HF Rubber Machinery (previously Krupp), Buzuluk etc.

Temperature sensors for rubber and plastic industry are characterized by:

   - high resistance to shocks and vibrations
   - high resistence to abrasions
   - long lifetime of the products

Thanks to experience from such demanding applications, we are able to use a similar technology also for temperature sensors for various machinery and equipment and for applications such as measurement of temperature of engines, electric motors, bearings, brake systems, etc. Temperature sensors for railway vehicles represent another field of application of SENSIT temperature sensors. Temperature sensors for this field of application meet railway standards (EN 61 373, EN 50 155, EN 50 121-3-2 a EN 45 545).

If you have any questions, please contact us via email randysek@sensit.cz or by calling on the phone number +420 571 752 176.