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NEW DESIGN of the Interior Temperature Sensor

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Dear business partners,

we would like to introduce a new modern design of an interior temperature sensor with a resistance, current and voltage output.

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These interior temperature sensors are designed for temperature measurement in rooms, e.g. in schools, theatres, offices, interiors of residental houses and also production halls. The high quality material and suitable design of the interior temperature sensor ensure that the sensor do not disturbing even in interiors with high aesthetic requirements.



The design change of the casing of the interior temperature sensor provides:

  • better air flow around the sensing element
  • significantly faster time response
  • compared to the original version, also convenient installation and removal of the sensor


The new design and construction of the interior temperature sensor reduces the effect of the temperature of the electronics on the measurement, increasing the measurement accuracy.


Installation of the interior temperature sensor is recommended on an inner wall at the height of 1.5 m, in areas of movements of people, at places not exposed to direct sunlight and not influenced by heat from the wall, heating radiators or lighting. Correct placement and orientation of the temperature sensor significantly affects the measurement accuracy. For further consultation and questions, please call us at phone number +420 571 625 571.


Interior temperature sensor with a resistance output in a new design for sale as of: 15 March 2017

Interior temperature sensor with current or voltage output in a new design for sale as of: 1 May 2017

For more information about the interior temperature sensors in a new design, please contact us at +420 571 625 571  or via e-mail: obchod@sensit.cz

                                            Team SENSIT