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NEW - Bimetallic temperature switches and sensors

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Bimetallic temperature Switches and Sensors

At the Fair AMPER 2018, we introduced a new series of bimetallic temperature switches in two variants - with a smooth case TSB 087S and with thread TSB 060S.

Bimetallic switches TSB 087S and TSB 060S are designed as two-state controllers (ON / OFF control) that compare the pre-set and instantaneous temperature and immidiately open or close the contact when a defined temperature is reached. You can also come across the term "resettable thermal cutoff".
Bimetallic switches TSB 087S and TSB 060S are primarily used to signal temperature in various industrial appliacations, e.g. to protect transformers, powerful semiconductor stages, motors and powerful batteries. Bimetallic switches can be used in controls, single-purpose machines and devices and can serve as an emergency element in a system. It is a mechanical, electrically independent and elecromagnetically unaffected element.

  • Tripping temperature: 70 to 180 °C
  • Design: with a smooth stem and with thread
  • Contact design: normally open / normally closed

The introduction of bimetallic switches to the market prompted us to also add bimetallic temperature sensors to our product range, which we supply in a thermowell veriosn - Tbi series, and contact version - DTTR series.

These are electrically independent and electromagnetically unaffected mechanical temperature sensors.The most common appliacation of bimetallic temperature sensors Tbi series and DTTR series is indicative temperature measurement in heating and industrial distribution systems. Bimetallic temperature sensors Tbi series and DTTR series cal also be used for temperature measurement in smokehouses and other applications that require dipslaying of the current temperature  without system processing.

  • Maximum temperature range: -30 to 200 °C
  • Design: thermowell (thermowell is part of the sensor), contact
  • various dial diameters

For more information about Bimetallic temperature switches and sensors, please don´t hesitate to contact us at phone number: +420 571 625 571 or via e-mail address: obchod@sensit.cz

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