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Innovation of the S x091 line of temperature probes

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Dear business partners,
We would like to draw your attention to the just finished upgrade of the S x091 line of temperature probes. The original LCP handle was replaced by PEEK material. Thus we have achieved better mechanical properties of the probe handle and at the same time we have increased the temperature range in which the probe can operate to -30 to 280 ° C (short time 300 ° C). The temperature probe was designed to measure the temperature in convection ovens. However, it can also be applied in other food applications, such as measuring the temperature in smokehouses, in the grill and more.


  • Temperature range: -30 to 280 °C (300 °C short time)
  • Probe handle material: PEEK
  • Probe tip: 1.4301 stainless steel
  • Cable: shielded Teflon 2 x 0.22 mm2
  • The probe meets high hygiene standards and is intended for the food industry