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Custom production of temperature sensors


This means the design and production and unit quantities, special temperature sensor for a particular customer‘s application.


  • Consequent analysis of application.
  • The right decision on the selection of temperature sensor.
  • Suitable location – elimination or suppression of interference with the sensor data.

We can offer:

1/ Cooperation, our experience and help for progress of suitable sensor for your application. The personal negotiation of our technician in your company.

2/ Ensure the required certification, statement by rules.

3/ Design and production of temperature sensors„in customs case“


  • Production of sensors according samples or drawings.
  • Modification of the standard cases.
  • Production of sensor with difficult and unusual case design.
  • Production of sensor with small case diameter 2-3 mm.
  • Proposing of assembly according application.

4/ Encapsulation of special sensing element

  • KTY
  • NTC
  • TSic
  • SMT 160
  • Two and more elements to case (same & different)

5/ Sensors compliant with special requirement for:

  • Resistant to vibration and shock.
  • High resistance to abrasive action.
  • Use the cryogenic temperatures.
  • Frequent repeatbility and stability.
  • The required high accuracy.
  • Execution and compliance standards (test) el. strenght ans puncture.
  • Very fast response temperature change.


6/ Standard used special materials are replaced according to your requirements. In areas such as housing material:

  • Tin bronze CuSn9
  • Plastics – makromelt
  • Aluminium (alloy)
  • Stainless steel 1.4571
  • Brass

For cable, shrinking tubes:

  • PFA
  • Viton
  • Kynar
  • Flame retardant cable – FM 4910
  • The cables for application under soil and so on

Complex service includes:

  • Technical support and consultation to design the sensor which you need, personal approach.
  • The production and delivery of samples.
  • Our quotation has calculated on the base your required quantity.
  • The production of sensors including check up for every sensor, for every piece.
  • The delivery date between 10- 21 days.
  • Also express manufacture and delivery within possibilities of technological process.


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